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What Causes the Condition of Dry Eyes?

What You Need to Know About Dry Eyes

Condition of Dry Eyes

Dry eye is another common condition wherein a person’s eyes do not produce sufficient lubrication in the form of tears, in order to keep the eye nourished and moist. While many people associated tears simply with crying and an emotion like sadness, the reality is that tears are entirely necessary in order to the eye’s front surface to remain healthy.

This is also related to one experiencing clear vision — so quite obviously, the importance of tears cannot be understated. While some people who suffer from the condition of dry eyes do not produce enough tears to maintain a nourished, healthy eye, others have a low quality of tears.

The condition of dry eyes is quite common, and adults of advanced age suffer from it in greater numbers.

How Tears Work to Maintain Healthy Eyes

When a person blinks, they are actually causing the eyes to spread tears over the cornea, or front surface, thereby lubricating the entire area. A healthy, properly nourished eye faces a lower risk of infection. Beyond that, the process of lubricating the cornea also serves the purpose of washing away any dust or dirt particles that may be in the eye.

Sufficient production of tears keeps the eyes looking clear.

Typical Causes of Dry Eyes

One of the most common causes of the condition of dry eyes is actually just age, as most people over the age of sixty-five typically experience some form of the condition. In terms of gender, women are more likely to experience dry eyes (due to changes in hormones that may be related to pregnancy or menopause, for example).

If you are taking any kind of blood pressure medication, antidepressants, or antihistamines, among others, you may experience dry eyes as well. Similarly, patients already dealing with diabetes or thyroid problems, or rheumatoid arthritis, may also have the condition of dry eyes.

In some cases, environmentally related factors such as smoke in the air, or particularly dry climates may lead to an increased risk of dry eyes.

Treatment for Dry Eyes

Although the condition can be chronic, an optometrist can offer treatments that will restore health and comfort to the patient’s eyes. Among possible treatments, adding new tears and conserving existing tears rank high on the list. If the eye of the patient is inflamed, and this is one of the causes of the condition, further treatment may be available to reduce the effect of dry eyes.

If you believe that you may be suffering from dry eyes, whether it’s a chronic or temporary case, it is wise to see a professional optometrist, who will evaluate your condition and offer treatment when necessary.


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