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Silhouette Eyewear Collection, From Austria

Silhouette Eyewear From Austria: Uniqueness in Front of Your Eyes

Silhouette Designer Eyewear Frames

The designers and manufacturers behind Austria’s Silhouette company believe in the power of eyewear to operate beyond a functional level. Their mission states that a person’s glasses “should be more than just an aid to seeing, but rather a stylish accessory in a unique design that offers lightness and comfort.” It is from the basis of this mission statement that all of the company’s efforts flow.

And the end result? Nearly 50 years of unrivaled production and design, all with an eye set on innovation and quality. Since 1964, the team behind Silhouette has treated eyewear as an accessory to the total person, creating the lightest possible designer frames available anywhere. Trust us, the difference between Silhouette and other frames is remarkable — most of our clients can barely tell they’ve got a pair of glasses on at all.

The Style, Benefits, and Materials of Silhouette Frames

Silhouette achieves this quality of physical lightness through the design of their glasses, which are rimless, screwless, hingeless, and because of this, virtually weightless. The brand is called: Titan Minimal Art, which is nothing short of a revolution in the eyewear business.

How many eyewear companies can boast of being taken along on thirty-plus NASA missions into outer space? Silhouette eyewear can do just that. Silhouette sunglasses offer supreme protection for the eyes from the damaging effects of the sun, as well as natural UV radiation (Silhouette eyewear frames feature 100% UV protection).

Silhouette’s Titan line of eyewear is made from the company’s proprietary hypoallergenic metal high-tech titanium, which should make these frames a perfect fit for anyone who has a high level of sensitivity to things that they put on or near their facial skin.

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Learn more about Silhouette Eyewear frame collection now, or check out the other designer eyewear frame lines that we offer at Beaumont Vision in Portland.

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