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Choosing the Most Flattering Frame Shape and Color for Your Face

How to Pick the Right Glasses

Glasses frames from Beaumont Vision

The shape of your face was determined by at least five genes that specifically affect face shape. And stressors that we may have faced during our upbringing can further affect facial symmetry. While we may no longer be in control of those factors, we are in charge of something else that’s very important: choosing the right eyeglasses frames for our individual, unique face.

This can be a difficult process, so we are going to simplify the approach. Keep reading for our secrets to selecting the most flattering frame shape for your face, and then start browsing our frame collection here.

The Best Frames for These Common Face Shapes

Oval Face

This versatile face shape can work with most frames; you just want to make sure that the frames you choose aren’t too big for your facial features. In most cases, square or rectangular frames can help your face look longer.

Round Face

Like the oval face shape, you want to select frames that are wider than your face. Frames that create a strong horizontal line will help to lengthen the shape of the face; just be sure to avoid round frames or frames that are too small.

Heart-Shaped Face

With a heart-shaped face, you want to avoid drawing too much attention to the forehead, so steer clear of cat eye or top-heavy frames. Instead, stick with oval or rounded frames that are thinner.

Diamond Face

With a diamond-shaped face, you can go two directions: either oval or rimless glasses, or frames with bold brow-lines like cat-eye. To balance the facial features it is important to select glasses that are not too narrow.

Square Face

Oval or round frames will help to soften the angles of a square face, and a dark or bold color in your choice of frames is a great way to contrast strong facial features. Try to refrain from sharp, geometric shapes in order to avoid highlighting more angles.

Frame Color for Your Skin Tone

Now that you’ve got some insight about what type of frame shape to look for based on the shape of your face, it is also important to consider the other aspects involved with selecting a pair of glasses. For example, what color of frame fits your personality and highlights your look?

Those with a pale, warm complexion should ideally reach for warm colors like a pale pink, or rich colors like tortoiseshell or brown. If your complexion is pale and cool, then vintage colors like ivory and pale neutral shades will flatter the skin tone. You may also like a bolder jewel tone.

For skin that is a medium, warm tone, complementing neutral tones highlight the skin nicely, as do earthy greens and golds. For medium skin with cool undertones, try to select a color that has blue tones; this could be blue green, navy, or cherry.

For deep skin with a warm undertone, be sure to try and select warm-colored frames. Dark browns or golds will emphasize the skin, as will most tortoiseshell variations. For deep skin with cool tones, pair with a bold purple, onyx or navy. Darker, cool colors will complement your natural tones beautifully.

The Right Glasses for Everyone Are Out There…

While it can be easy to get overwhelmed when choosing new frames for your face, glasses can be a fun fashion accessory for everyone, no matter your individual style. And at Beaumont Vision, we’re here to help with our expert-level opticians who can fnd the perfect frame for any face.

Come on in and let our staff help you find the best glasses for your face. Make an appointment today.

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