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Spotlight on Shwood: Wooden Eyeglass Frames Handmade In PDX

Handmade Wooden Frames From Portland, Oregon’s Shwood Eyeglasses

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Supporting local businesses sometimes means putting fashion on the back burner, but with Shwood’s line of attractive wooden eyeglass frames, you can get the best of both worlds, all wrapped up in one unique product. Hand-crafted right here in Portland, Shwood frames are where sustainability meets style in the world of eye glasses.

The first pair of frames Shwood crafted were “born from the limb of a Madrone tree, a rusty pair of cabinet hinges, and lenses from the corner store,” and the company has certainly grown since then. The frames you purchase from Shwood now are a long way from those first rusty hinges, but they still feature that perfect balance of rustic and chic – and they’re available at Portland’s Beaumont Vision!

Where the Shwood Frames Story Begins

We always love a good “humble beginnings” story, and Shwood is a prime example. In 2009, they began operations in a tiny 104 square-foot workspace, and a year later (due to enormous popularity), Shwood moved to 6,000 square-foot production facility.

Despite their humble beginnings, Shwood frames are now sold in countries all over the world, including Thailand, Egypt, and London, to name just a few. The trendy wood frames also got recognition in 2013 at the Pitti Uomo 84 conference for men’s fashion in Italy.

The Portland-based workshop claims that, “Wood manipulation is kept to a minimum in order to showcase the medium’s natural and unique splendor,” and it really does show through in the work.

Wood grain is considered a tree’s fingerprint, so each pair of glasses is different in their own way due to the unique nature of wood itself – a true testament to Shwood’s appreciation of the singularity of each individual wearer’s sense of style.

Finding the Perfect Frames for You

When shopping for eyewear, there are certain things to consider – frame shape, lens material, bridge and arm sizes, and other tangible characteristics. Shwood has now brought a new category to the table – smell. The eyewear they construct from wood actually smells like wood; each pair brings you to a happy and tranquil place in the middle of the wilderness.

Known for crafting “the original wood sunglasses,” (as well as other amazing and stylish sun and prescription eyewear from other natural materials), Shwood doesn’t stop at stunning wood frames. Their new spring line includes dried cactus skeleton and domestic walnut hardwood in a high-pressure resin casting. These unique frames can only be described as otherworldly, which fits nicely with Shwood’s motto of “Love, Live, Creativity.”

Shwood also produces a line of titanium, acetate, and brass frames with wood embellishments for that classic, timelessly fashionable look. If you’re interested in limited pieces, Shwood has been known to make stunning one of a kind limited edition frames from other unconventional materials such as newspaper, a Louisville slugger baseball bat, and beloved Pendleton designs.

How do you make glasses out of newspapers, you might ask? 1600 ft. of newspapers were wound up tightly to resemble a log, which then was sawn into smaller pieces to reveal a grain-like pattern. The frame shape then was carefully cut from compressed pieces and hand sanded on a belt before being assembled into the arms and lenses. You can watch the whole mesmerizing process on their website.

Getting a Pair of Your Own Shwood Glasses today

Supporting local businesses and craftsmen is a goal for many, but it’s an added bonus when that support manifests itself into high-quality products like the eye-catching frames offered by Shwood. Learn more about Shwood and their products on their website, and consider upgrading to a stylish, locally-made frame for your next pair of glasses with Beaumont Vision!

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