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May Is Healthy Vision Month: Here’s What You Can Do for Your Eyes

Taking Care of Your Eyes During Healthy Vision Month

may eye health month

May is healthy vision month, and while every month is a good month for you to make sure to take proper care of your eyes, the National Eye Institute uses May as an opportunity to put focus on eye health for people who have not typically done so in the past.

This May, the National Eye Institute has a very specific idea on how to do this, and is asking everyone to put the focus on women’s eye health, especially women and the men who care about them. Here’s what you can do to get on top of your eye health during this very important month.

Encourage the Women in Your Life to Get Eye Exams

Women can be subject to a variety of eye-related conditions, including macular degeneration and diabetes-related eye disease. Because of this, every woman you know should get a complete dilated eye exam if they have not gotten one in the last year. An eye exam can let you know if you need corrective lenses to improve your vision, and can identify any problems that could lead to vision loss, even if you are not currently experiencing any symptoms.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Eyes

There are a number of reasons why women should live a healthy lifestyle, but one of the often-overlooked ones is healthy eyesight. Your eyes are part of your body’s many systems, and like other systems, they are affected by what you put in your body and how you take care of it. It may not seem like your eyesight is dependent on how well or poorly you eat or how often you exercise, but studies show that it very often is.

Protect Your Eyes

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not feminine to wear protective goggles when playing sports, woodworking, or doing any other activity where something might fly into your eye and cause damage. Eye safety is far more important than fashion, although there are some fashionable goggles out there.

Know Your Family’s Eye History

The more you know about your family’s history, the easier it will be to identify and ward off potential problems before they become big issues that could affect your vision. In many cases, early detection and intervention is your best defense against vision problems.

Protect Your Eyes From Sun Damage

Again, it’s important to treat your eyes like other organs and parts of your body’s systems. Do not look directly into the sun and make sure that whenever you are going out in the sun, you are wearing sunglasses with UV protection.

Getting Early Attention for Your Eyes Does Matter

Most vision loss is preventable or treatable, but the sooner you get your eyes some attention, the better chance you have of saving or preserving your eyesight. If you or a woman you love lives in or around the Portland area, please encourage them to schedule an appointment with Beaumont Vision for a complete eye exam.

We offer a safe, environment full of caring professionals, and a wide range of stylish frames for those needing glasses for their corrective lenses. Please contact us now.

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