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Etnia Barcelona Designer Eyewear

Etnia Barcelona: Comfort & Innovation

etnia barcelona frames

Etnia Barcelona, now carried by Beaumont Vision in Portland, offers stylish designer eyewear that privliges both high design, and uncompromising comfort. The brand lauds their extensive knowledge of various human facial features, which they note is tranferred to each and every frame they create. With this body of extensive knowledge, they can create the “most comfortable eyewear in the world.”

But with comfort, also comes innovation, as the principal designers behind Etnia Barcelona aren’t okay with simply resting on creating the most comfortable frames around. Instead, the brand has adopted a strategy whereby it works with only the best partners when they create each element that comprises a pair of their eyeglasses. Those partners offer whatever technologically advanced resources are available on the market: “from the highest quality Barberini lens to the design of an intelligent hinge mechanism co-produced with Comotec.” Simply put, these new frames have it all.

More Information on Etnia Barcelona, Available at Beaumont Vision in Portland

All of the sunglasses that Etnia creates are made with toughened natural crystal lenses, which provide as much as 70 times better vision than anything created out of plastic. The lenses that the company uses are backed by¬† the brand’s guarantee of maximum UV protection, because they’re all finished with a “three-layer interior anti-reflective coating that neutralizes reflections from rays that pass by the sides of the eyewear.”

Etnia Barcelona takes great care with the design of their eyewear, producing the frames they create and controlling the process from cradle to grave — beginning with the initial drawing and ending with the production of literally every component that goes into a pair of their frames. This way, they can ensure a highly sophisticated product that’s every bit as comfortable as it is stylish on your face. Ergonomic temple tips, specially adapted bridge to match the contours of your nose, and more — Etnia Barcelona frames simply feel good on your face.

And it doesn’t end there. The lenses used in the frames created by Etnia Barcelona are also the very best lenses available anywhere in the world, using a mineral-based lens that’s produced by Barberini in Italy, using the most advanced technology and natural crystal materials. We are so happy to be carrying these new frames, and know you’ll love them too.

Etnia Barcelona: Combining Comfort With Style, Every Time.

etnia barcelona frames

Learn more about Etnia Barcelona Eyewear frame collection now, or check out the other designer eyewear frame lines that we offer at Beaumont Vision in Portland.

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