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September 19, 2018

Dealing With Itchy Eyes? Read These Best Eye Care Tips for the Fall

Don’t Let Itchy Eyes Become an Issue Again This Fall

Everyone knows that spring is prime allergy season, but those who suffer from seasonal allergies know that fall allergies can be just as brutal as the spring variety. In the end, it’s really all about pollen. While spring and the blooming of new flora can bring lots of pollen to the air, a warm summer can bring high pollen counts too, which can linger and combine with the dry air of fall to give those who suffer from eye allergies fits.

Eye allergies, like all allergies, occur when your immune system responds to something that is not normally a threat, but that your body responds to as such. Your body responds by releasing something called histamines. When a response is directed at a foreign body coming into contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes, this can result in redness, itching, and other problems.

There is no reason why allergies should be a serious threat to your eyes or your vision, but they can be extremely unpleasant. Itchy, watery, red eyes can be very uncomfortable. For many people, it is all too tempting to rub them, which usually just makes the situation worse. With this in mind, here are some tips for taking care of your eyes during the fall season, and for dealing with itchy allergy eyes.

Practical Fall Eye Allergy Tips

The first tip, as alluded to above, is: do not rub your eyes. This will only agitate the irritation and simply exacerbate the problem. If the itching is intolerable, try putting a cold compress over your eyes.

Over-the-counter allergy medications like Allegra or Benadryl may calm the histamines in your system and alleviate your symptoms. If this is not effective, your eye doctor may be able to prescribe combination antihistamine-mast cell stabilizers and corticosteroids that can relieve more aggressive allergy symptoms.

You may also wish to consider switching to daily or weekly disposable contact lenses, as long-term lenses may collect allergens and continue to re-irritate your eyes every time you put them in.

While eye drops that get red out can feel good in the short term, if they are decongestant drops that work by constricting the blood vessels of the eye, they can ultimately make the problem worse.

Fall Allergies and the Environment

When you are susceptible to fall eye allergies, it’s important to do what you can to control your environment. Try to avoid going out when pollen counts are the highest, which is usually in the mid-morning and early evening. When indoors, keep windows closed at night, vacuum frequently to collect dust and pollen and other irritants in the house, and be sure to use a HEPA filter. You may also want to consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Although the symptoms of eye allergies should not cause any long-term damage to your eyes, they may mimic or mask other symptoms that are signs of actual eye health issues. The best and safest thing to do is to come into your local eye care professional for regular comprehensive eye exams.

In the Portland area, the place to go for reliable eye care is Beaumont Vision. We offer caring, highly qualified optometric physicians with state-of-the-art eye examination equipment working in a friendly, comfortable environment. To schedule your eye exam, or to ask any questions about dealing with eye allergies, please call 503-331-3937 today and we will be more than happy to assist you.

September 5, 2018

Back to School? That Means It’s Time for an Eye Exam!

When School Starts, You Want the Best Health for Your Children’s Eyes

The school year is upon us again, and it’s absolutely critical that you include an eye exam for your kids among all of your other academic preparations. Parents run around making sure their children have their proper immunizations and supplies for school, but often neglect eye care. This year, you can change all that.

While all of your school preparations are important, neglecting your child’s eyes can have critical consequences for education. If your child cannot read the board, computer screen or textbooks, for example, they may become discouraged about learning and fall behind. Read on to learn more about the importance of regular eye exams for your kids, and why the start of the school year is an excellent time to cross this item off your family to-do list.

back to school eye exam

School Screenings Are Partially Effective at Detecting Issues With Vision

According to the American Optometric Association, nearly 90 percent of those surveyed think that school vision screenings and the like are effective at detecting vision problems. However, only a complete eye exam by a licensed optometric professional can fully diagnose potential eye problems that may be occurring in your children.

Vision problems can not only lead to poor results in school, but they can also sometimes lead to behavioral and attentional issues, as well. After all, you do not want your child to be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and prescribed medication when all they really need is a good pair of glasses.

When to Schedule Your Kids’ Eye Exams

Since it’s important for a growing child to get at least one annual eye exam, it’s a great idea to schedule regular exams a couple of weeks before school starts. This way, you will always remember when it’s time for a new eye exam, and your child will be well prepared to enter the school year with corrected vision if that should prove necessary.

Some people may put off pediatric eye exams due to cost. However, for most people, pediatric eye exams will fall under your regular health insurance coverage. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this.

One study showed that over half of the population does not realize that comprehensive eye exams are covered as essential benefits under the Affordable Care Act, and that includes glasses for children.

Caring for Children’s Eyes

Annual pediatric eye exams are a very important way to take care of your child’s eye health, however, there are more ways to help out. First, always be vigilant of your child with respect to their eyes. If your child is holding books very close to their face to read, squinting frequently, or complaining of headaches, these all may be signs of vision problems that you should have an eye doctor attend to.

Another important step to take is to make sure your children don’t strain their eyes with digital devices. This can be extremely difficult in the modern age when everyone, especially young people, always seem to have their eyes affixed to a cell phone, tablet, or laptop. However, computer eyestrain can be a big problem, causing blurred vision, headaches, irritated eyes and more. Have our children follow the 20-20-20 rule by looking at something 20 feet away from the screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

It’s also important to make sure that your children wear proper eye protection when engaging activities that could put their eyes in danger. For example, protective goggles or impact resistant sunglasses for sporting activities.

If you live in the Portland Area, Beaumont Vision can provide a complete eye exam for your child by highly trained professionals in a relaxed, comfortable environment. To schedule your appointment, call us at 503-331-3937 now.

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